1098T Service

FAME’s 1098 T Service Saves Time, Money and Meets all IRS Requirements

FAME makes this process quick and easy, with a service that will:

  • Gather 1098T data electronically
  • Generate 1098T forms & mails them to your students
  • Meet IRS 1098T deadlines
  • Transmit 1098T forms electronically to IRS
  • 24/7 Accessibility on the FAME Connect site, eliminating mail delays
  • Download Forms and Summary Report in Minutes
  • Review and Reprint 1098T’s Directly from your Desktop
  • Instantly Available for Audit or Compliance Needs
  • Electronic Format Eliminates the Need to Pull Files for  Copies
  • Utilizes Latest Network Security
  • Student Security and Privacy Ensured
  • Permits an Unlimited Number of Copies and Reprints
  • Eco-friendly to Help Protect the Environment


Eligibility Note: Schools certified by the U.S. Department of Education to participate in Federal Title IV funding must provide 1098T forms to their students who received federal loan monies or made cash payments in the re-portable year. Schools that do not participate in Federal Title IV funding are not considered “Eligible Institutions” for 1098T purposes nor are their student’s cash payments eligible for the IRS deduction, these schools should not provide 1098T forms to their students.

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