Student Information Systems

Choose from a variety of platforms and configurations to suit the wide-ranging needs of higher education.

See how FAME student information systems increase enrollment, improve retention, and ensure compliance.

See how FAME self-service portals increase enrollment, improve retention, and ensure compliance.

Delivering The Results You Expect

Whether your institution serves thousands of students across multiple campuses or only a few hundred, the challenge of recruiting, retaining and servicing the needs of your students is constantly evolving. FAME’s Student Information System is simple, flexible, and affordable.

Attendance Tracking
Placement Tracking
Student Retention


Student Accounts
Lead-gen Integration
Student Records
Financial Aid Tracking
Mobile App
Role-Based Security

Convenience for Staff and Students


Hosting offers instant deployment and automatic updates, as well as significant savings for you on your on IT personnel and server costs.

Mobile App

Engage instantly with students and prospects via a branded mobile app using channel they always have with them: their phones.

Innovative Technology That Works For You

Rather than forcing you down a “one-size fits all” technology path, we have multiple solutions that can be configured to match your requirements.

Whether it’s an onsite system or a fully hosted enterprise solution, FAME’s Student Information Systems can be scaled to serve small schools, online programs or multi-campus institutions with the features you need.

Student lifecycle modules: recruiting, admissions, registration, enrollment, academics, financial, career placement.

Conversion Without Disruption

Whether you’re transitioning from a legacy Student Information System or automating your process, our professional services team employs time-tested and proven practices to ensure that your conversion takes place with minimal disruption. Let FAME guide your institution to success.