Student Mobility App


FAME has announced a joint agreement with KLASS APP, a unique student interface via a custom mobile application. The collaboration will provide FAME’s SIS clients with the ability to engage instantly with students and prospects from one central application. Students will be able to communicate directly with your school via a school-branded App on their smart phone or tablet.

Through the App, administrators have a centralized and automated system that tracks the entire student life-cycle from admissions to student accounts, to financial aid packaging, placement tracking and reporting. The integrated Mobility App will improve student engagement in all aspects of your school’s Admissions, Financial Aid, Education, and Student Services departments by providing direct contact with students through a mobile App working in tandem with an administrative portal.

The Student Mobility App will improve your school’s key performance indicators by providing better mobile management and instant communication between students, faculty and administrators. Some key features will incorporate a full customized App dashboard that reflects your school’s own branding, dynamic messaging to keep in touch with current and prospective students, emergency alerts, academic progress updates, monitoring job placement and the ability to create and deploy surveys within minutes and receive quicker responses.

If you are interested in adding this feature, please contact us for more information.