Predictive Analytics

Generate Predictions – Increase student retention and enhance default management processes to lower default rates


Using demographic and historical data from a school or program, the Voyant Predictive Modeling Software, coupled with FAME’s SIS applications, significantly increases the ability to accurately predict and identify; students at the highest risk of leaving school early, and students at the highest risk of defaulting on loans.

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Predictive Analytics gives institutions the tools to keep their students on a path to success. School administrators will see which students would benefit from intervention through  efforts to decrease their drop out and default rates.  This scientifically based indicator allows the school to implement early counseling and educational programs to ensure the success of their students.

The data is produced quickly and displayed in a simple, understandable format providing:

  • ease of use
  • real time accuracy
  • rapid data analysis
  • saves critical time
  • optimize results

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