Financial Aid Services & Software

Your Financial Aid Experts

Our full suite of Financial Aid services and software can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of any institution. Whether you need software to automate your process or a turn-key outsource of your Financial Aid Processing, FAME can package a solution that will:

  • Ensure and maintain compliance
    Compliance experts available on staff and user-friendly financial aid processing software which includes automated triggers, checks & balances, and advanced reporting ensures that your awards to students meet regulatory requirements and stand the test of audits or program reviews.
  • Reduce costs
    By leveraging our expert staff, a financial aid process perfected over the past 39 years and our new Software-as-a-Service, FAME can significantly reduce your costs compared to an in-house model.
  • Shorten processing times
    FAME recognizes the importance of cash flow to your institution and financial aid funds to your students. With that in mind, FAME strives to process all financial aid awards within 48 hours of input.
  • Minimize errors and exceptions
    Workflow driven process and compliance queues in our software combined with our oversight maintains error rates below 1%.
  • Improve satisfaction
    With rapid need analysis, expedited processing and verification, your students receive their funds faster – helping to make the whole enrollment and funding process a more satisfying experience.

Combining Expertise, Proven Process & Advanced Software

How does it work? FAME uniquely combines our knowledge, proven process and advanced software to empower your school with a complete Financial Aid solution.

FAME’s Financial Aid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a proven and robust platform that leverages all of the knowledge and expertise developed over 39 years. Easily accessed via the Internet, FAME’s software enables authorized users to view their institution’s financial aid records and interface with FAME’s Processing Center. FAME calculates and schedules disbursements for Federal grants, loans and campus-based awards using the student data.

FAME’s SaaS can also integrate with our leading Student Information Systems for seamless delivery of Financial Aid processing and awarding throughout the student life cycle.

FAME is here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of Financial Aid consultants will conduct an extensive business process analysis to  determine how to best serve your students and comply with regulations and reporting requirements.