Financial Aid Services

Contact us to learn more about how FAME experts can help your financial aid office.

Contact us to learn more about how FAME experts can help your financial aid office.

Financial Aid Processing

FAME’s Financial Aid Service provides all fiscal procedures including cash management, G5, COD and bank reconciliations, as well as FISAP and Enrollment Confirmation Reporting, extending our 40+ years of experience and knowledge in the administration of Title IV funding and regulatory compliance to your Financial Aid Office.


FAME’s Verification Service includes a review of all documents that the school has provided in regard to the verification process required under the federal regulations. This encompasses the student’s ISIR/SAR, verification worksheets, tax documents, and any documents relating to C codes indicated on the ISIR/SAR. FAME communicates to clients the outcome of the review in order to maintain compliance with federal regulations.

File Review

FAME’s File Review Service includes a complete review of a student’s file as it relates to their eligibility for federal financial aid. FAME requests a sample of files along with a list of documents required and a copy of the school’s catalog. FAME will use your school’s policies when performing the file review. The review encompasses the student’s eligibility, awards, verification documents, Title IV disbursements, credit balances, NSLDS reporting, entrance/exit counseling, and any applicable returns/refunds. The documents will be reviewed by our Consulting staff who together have over 200 years of experience. FAME communicates to clients the outcome of the review in order to maintain compliance with federal regulations.


We can prepare and guide you through the Department of Education’s Eligibility processes including:


  • Initial Eligibility
  • Recertification
  • Adding a branch/location
  • Title IV Program
  • Changes in institution name, address or ownership


COMPASS is a subscription service designed specifically for schools like yours who need advice and guidance from time to time and to ensure steadfast compliance with Title IV changes and new regulations.

It provides access to FAME publications, such as our Regulatory Bulletins, Did You Knows, Quarterly Q&A s, financial aid forms and procedure manuals. In addition, you have priority access to FAME’s financial aid trainings as well as to webinars on important financial aid topics throughout the year.

It also includes up to 3 hours of monthly consulting support, and an annual compliance checkup call, with a FAME expert to review Title IV process changes, regulations and guidelines; ensuring that you have all the relative information to meet Federal Title IV requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

FAME’s regulatory compliance experts have decades of experience in helping institutions like yours navigate the difficult, always-changing landscape of Title IV financial aid. We’ll help you eliminate audit findings for good.

Software Implementation

FAME’s experienced implementation team provides extensive software training to ensure your staff is fully prepared from Day 1.

Our time-tested process ensures a smooth conversion from your legacy system, achieving minimal disruption for your staff and students.


We install your Advantage SIS, Freedom SIS and Fin Aid applications on fast, high-availability servers maintained by FAME at our partnered hosting facility to provide 24/7 easy access, full backups, and redundancy. Enjoy instant deployment, automatic updates and significant savings on IT personnel and server costs.


  • Eliminate Maintenance Time – There is no software you have to download or backups needed, full backups and server site redundancy are provided, making the application updates automatic and available instantly.
  • Cost Savings – Drastically reduces your IT costs, no need to purchase or maintain high power servers or IT staff to maintain them.
  • Instant Access – Provides 24/7 access, staff can work from anywhere. Because your student data and Advantage, Freedom & Fin Aid applications are stored on a secure Internet server, the data is available to the authorized user easily from anywhere they have a browser and Internet connectivity.
  • Convenience – Users with permissions are able to access Advantage, Freedom and/or Fin Aid applications from any Internet enabled device, including PC’s, smartphones and tablets.
  • Support – Hosted applications benefit customers because of the support that is provided, and no longer having to utilize in-house IT staff or contract with third party IT support administrators, to upgrade and run the application on your servers. Plus, new updates to Advantage, Freedom and Fin Aid are installed centrally, off hours so that there is no need to schedule downtime for your staff.

What Our Clients Say

When it comes to Title IV, it can be a blessing or a curse. If you are a school owner, you know what I mean. The constant regulatory changes and deadlines make compliance difficult for schools to keep up with on their own. This problem is precisely what FAME sets out to fix, and after 11 years, I can vouch for them and say they are crucial for the successful growth of any post-secondary institution.

Jesus Ramirez

Associate Director, Beauty Academy of South Florida