Regulatory Experts

Sally Samuels – Director of Compliance

Sally is one of the country’s leading authorities on Federal financial aid administration with more than 35 years of “in the trenches” experience, and currently serves as  Director of Compliance for FAME.  As a respected Industry leader, she is frequently called upon to speak at schools, accrediting, regional and state conferences as well as to act as a school liaison during program reviews and state compliance audits.  Having processed, reviewed and taught financial aid for over 35 years Sally’s experience includes representation at hundreds of program reviews and certification visits for postsecondary institutions.  Her experience and regulatory knowledge make her uniquely qualified to bring you the latest regulatory information and training.


Sherwin Hibbets – Director of Regulatory Affairs

Sherwin serves as FAME’s Director of Regulatory Affairs and in his current role, represents Career Schools and Colleges at program reviews and certification visits, site visits at institutions and training events.   He has served as past President and Director of several state financial aid associations as well as a Director of Financial Aid at the University level. He was a member of the NASFAA Task Force on Professional Excellence and is listed in the NASFAA Speakers’ Directory. Sherwin’s knowledge and training talents have been recognized by a broad range of higher education associations as he is often called upon to present at conferences and training programs across the country.



Julie DiPuccio – Sr. Consulting Representative

Julie DiPuccio has been in the financial aid profession since 1979. During her years with FAME, she has broadened her experience by holding a variety of positions and is currently FAME’s Sr. Consulting Representative. In her current role, Julie represents institutions at program reviews and certification visits, conducts site visits at institutions to determine compliance with Federal regulations, presents training programs for FAME clients and for higher education associations and provides direction to FAME clients in all aspects of financial aid administration.   Julie’s diverse background in the financial aid profession and ability to translate this experience into interesting and valuable training programs have made her an extremely popular presenter.