Student Mobile App

For Career Schools

Save time with FAME’s Student Mobile App.

Convenience for Staff and Students


Attendance Tracking

A simple way to capture student attendance easily and securely.



Students can stay up to date with grades, GPA, and Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Simple communication between staff and students, as well as push notifications.


Students will be able to quickly view their charges, payments, refunds, and financial aid amounts.

Information in an Instant

Give your students valuable information in the palm of their hands. With the FAME Student Mobile App, students can easily see their academic, attendance, and financial information without having to visit your office. Your student’s data will always be up-to-date thanks to the seamless integration with FAME’s Student Information System.

  • Program Summary & Schedule
  • Easily check grades and satisfactory academic progress
  • Reports for students such as Progress Report and Attendance Report
  • Stay up to date on student account balance, financial aid, and payment plans

Simple & Secure

The FAME Student Mobile App provides schools with a simple way to capture student attendance easily and securely via the student’s smartphone or tablet. Provides flexibility and security as students may clock in for on-premise classes or online for distance education. Eliminates delays caused by student lines, waiting to clock in or out.

  • No need for costly hardware
  • Cloud-based
  • Contactless
  • Can be used on-premise or online
  • User-friendly for students, staff, and administrators

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