Spring 2021-2022

Award Year Training

Prepare for the new award year by attending FAME’s financial aid training sessions.

$75 flat fee – All sessions included!

May 3rd – May 7th

Financial aid training is an important step you must take every year. Join FAME as we cover important topics to ensure you are prepared for the 2021-2022 award year.

In order to help both experienced and budding professionals, we have split the sessions. Participants are welcome to attend sessions from both categories.

All participants will receive certificates upon completion of each training.




Novice Sessions: 12-1pm EDT

5/3: What Needs To Be in a Student File?

5/4: Student Eligibility & C-Codes

5/5: What are the Verification Requirements for 2020-2021? 2021-2022?

5/6: Understanding Awarding and Payment Periods

5/7: Cash Management Workshop

Advanced Sessions: 3-4pm EDT

5/3: Federal Update

5/4: R2T4 Waiver Rules & Reporting in COD

5/5: What’s New in Verification ’21-’22?

5/6: Mini Sessions: SAP, Academic Year/Overlapping Terms, Common File Review Errors

5/7: COVID-19 Waivers & Documentation

Sally Samuels

Sally Samuels

Director of Compliance

Sally is one of the country’s leading authorities on Federal financial aid administration with more than 39 years of “in the trenches” experience. As a respected Industry leader, she is frequently called upon to speak at School, Accrediting, Regional and State conferences as well as to act as school liaison during program reviews and compliance audits.



Chief Executive Officer, TEN Government Strategies

Tom Netting has more than 30 years of experience working in government relations and public policy and has established himself as a leader in strategic policy development and advocacy in the fields of higher education and workforce development, elementary and secondary education, healthcare, veterans’ affairs, and the procurement of federal appropriations.  Tom has also directed government relations activities of several associations and higher education organizations. 

Kris Fuss- Gonzalez

Kris Fuss- Gonzalez

Director, Consulting Services

During her 30+ years with FAME, she has broadened her experience by holding a variety of management positions in several departments including Direct Loan and Fiscal Services. Additionally, Kris has served on several focus groups with ED and has a wealth of knowledge in Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) and Title IV regulatory processing.

Ibis Vento

Ibis Vento

Consulting Services Manager

Since joining the higher education industry in 2002, she has attained a myriad of experiences and extensive financial aid knowledge within her different roles. She assists schools in adhering to the federal regulations by conducting compliance file reviews, verification, return of title IV and on-site financial aid process evaluations. 

Lynn Borges

Lynn Borges

Financial Aid Consultant

Lynn’s vast knowledge and understanding of NSLDS make her the resident expert for Enrollment Reporting. Lynn assists clients with verification, return to Title IV calculations, and detailed file reviews. With her commitment and dedication to compliance, she provides guidance to schools in all aspects of Title IV administration.

Reduced Non-Compliance

Satisfied Students


Increased Efficiency

Future-Forward Mindset

Expanded Enrollment

Better Lifecycle Visibility

Refund Policy: Due to limited space, you must cancel at least 48 hours before the first training for a full refund.