Executive Team

We bring decades of experience to the table.

Ryan Beaver

General Manager

Starting as a Software Developer, Mr. Beaver has been with Constellation Software for almost 20 years. He has held a variety of positions across the different business units in which he has built teams and improved processes in order to help both the company and employees succeed. When not at his day job, Ryan moonlighted as a computer science professor and continuing education instructor.

Ricky Alfaro

VP, Growth

As Vice President of Growth at FAME, Mr. Alfaro is responsible for growing FAME’s business through key initiatives and bringing new products to market. He has 17+ years of management and process improvement experience and 13+ years of experience working with student information systems, financial aid applications, and other higher education solutions.

Tommy Musson

VP, Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Mr. Musson oversees FAME’s Financial Aid Processing Center, Client Solution Center (Customer Service, Technical Support, and Implementations), and Fiscal Services. Tommy’s career spans more than 28 years in customer and product service operations. Prior to joining FAME, Tommy held executive positions at Equitrac Corporation, Laerdal Medical and Hewlett-Packard. Tommy holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Randi Alfaro

Director, Support and Implementations

As the Director of Customer & Technical Support, Training, and Implementations, Mrs. Alfaro oversees all client partnerships within FAME. She has 13+ years of experience in financial aid and customer management. Mrs. Alfaro’s goal-driven mindset creates top-level performance for her team to achieve the highest levels of customer experience for FAME.

Julia Brown

VP, Sales & Market Development

Ms. Brown represents 18 years of postsecondary educational experience and over 29 years of proven sales, marketing and general management oversight. She held the position of Executive Director of a prominent career school prior to joining FAME in 1991. Julia is responsible for developing and delivering on the company’s strategy for expanding sales of services and software solutions through strategic relationships and partnerships.

Kris Fuss-Gonzalez

Director, Consulting Services

As Director of Consulting Services, Ms. Fuss-Gonzalez represents institutions at program reviews and certification visits, conducts site visits at institutions to determine compliance with Federal regulations, and provides direction to FAME staff and clients in all aspects of financial aid administration. During her 30+ years with FAME, she has broadened her experience by holding a variety of management positions in several departments including Direct Loan and Fiscal Services. Additionally, Kris has served on several focus groups with ED and has a wealth of knowledge in Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) and Title IV regulatory processing.

Nancy McCallum

Director, Financial Aid Services

Mrs. McCallum serves as a member of FAME’s Executive Management Board and oversees the Financial Aid Service Center including the FPell, Direct Loan, FSEOG, FWS, FPerkins funding, processing and quality control and administration of the financial aid awarding records teams. Nancy has a wealth of experience with FAME’s products and services as well as her direct involvement in the financial aid arena, as she has been employed with FAME for the last thirty three years.  She excels in interfacing with FAME clients to assist in their conversion to FAME’s services and mentoring her staff in the various packaging formulas.