ED’s Electronic Announcements on IFAP: GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT

April 30, 2013


EA – Posted January 11, 2013 – (General).  Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #43 – NSLDS Gainful Employment Spreadsheet Submittal Format

ED announces the release of the newest version of the NSLDS Gainful Employment Spreadsheet Submittal Format.   This tool, available on the Federal Student Aid Download (FSAdownload) Web site, is designed to assist schools who wish to voluntarily update or correct their previously reported GE data through NSLDS.  The previous version of this tool, then called the NSLDS Gainful Employment Submittal Template, may still be used; however, it limits the number of records that may be submitted per transmittal to 50 records.  This new format will allow for up to 2500 records per submittal.  Schools may use the NSLDS Professional Access Web site to submit corrections when using this new submittal format.

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