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POSTED DATE: August 31, 2022
AUTHOR: Federal Student Aid
SUBJECT: NSLDS Professional Access – Documentation of Enrollment Reporting and Postscreening Delays for Audit Purposes

Through a series of Electronic Announcements published since June 2022, we have provided Federal Student Aid’s (FSA’s) professional partners with transparent information before and after we implemented the modernized National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS ) Professional Access on July 25, 2022. That enormous initiative included overhauling underlying system platform and architecture and standing up a new contact center to support daily operations and customer service. We appreciate the financial aid community’s patience and understanding as we have validated and fine-tuned this important
undertaking over the past several weeks.

In this announcement, we supplement the communications through which we have provided information about NSLDS enrollment functionality, NSLDS postscreening, and issues identified to date (July 25, 2022Aug. 3, 2022Aug. 8, 2022Aug. 11, 2022Aug. 15, 2022Aug. 19, 2022, and Aug. 25, 2022). This is a stand-alone communication about the status of enrollment reporting and postscreening as we begin September.

  • NSLDS Enrollment Reporting – We continue to make progress with identifying and resolving issues related to enrollment reporting; however, we will not begin disseminating September Enrollment Rosters on Sept. 1 as anticipated.
  • NSLDS Postscreening – We continue to make progress with identifying and resolving issues related to postscreening; however, we will not resume our weekly postscreening cadence by the end of this week, Sept. 2, as anticipated.

We know that processing issues with NSLDS Professional Access since July have significantly affected a school’s ability to adhere to institutional enrollment reporting requirements—especially at this time of the school year. We are focused on the issues, remain diligent in our efforts to resolve them, and continue to appreciate the patience of our professional partners. Without diminishing the importance of accurate and timely reporting of students’ enrollment status information to NSLDS, we are continuing our suspension of all NSLDS enrollment reporting compliance notifications. Schools, school servicers, and enrollment providers should retain a copy of this Electronic Announcement as documentation for audit purposes. The Print button at the top left of the announcement can be used to print a formatted version of the announcement to paper or PDF. Please continue to monitor Knowledge Center for updated information about NSLDS Professional Access.

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If you experience any issues or have questions, please contact the NSLDS Customer Support Center at 1-800-999-8219 or