Hosting Services

We are pleased to announce Hosting services for your Advantage, Freedom and Freedom Fin Aid applications. Our Hosting service enables access to your Advantage, Freedom & Fin Aid applications and database through a web browser from anywhere, with no local software to install or database server to maintain. Your Users will be able to access your applications from any device including PC’s, smartphones and tablets. We install your Advantage SIS, Freedom SIS and Fin Aid applications on fast, high-availability servers maintained by FAME at our partnered hosting facility to provide 24/7 easy access, full backups and redundancy.

Benefits of Hosting

There are a number of benefits of application hosting, such as instant deployment, automatic updates and significant savings on IT personnel and server costs.


timeEliminate Maintenance Time – There is no software you have to download or backups needed, full backups and server site redundancy are provided, making the application updates automatic and available instantly.


Cost Savings
– Drastically reduces your IT costs, no need to purchase or maintain high power servers or IT staff to maintain them.


Iwifinstant Access – Provides 24/7 access, staff can work from anywhere. Because your student data and Advantage, Freedom & Fin Aid applications are stored on a secure Internet server, the data is available to the authorized user easily from anywhere they have a browser and Internet connectivity.


– Users with permissions are able to access Advantage, Freedom and/or Fin Aid applications from any Internet enabled device, including PC’s, smartphones and tablets.


2016-07-18 10_45_07-Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended - © logo-internet-sem-fio1 (1).psd @ 100% (Layer 3, - CopySupport – Hosted applications benefit customers because of the support that is provided, and no longer having to utilize in-house IT staff or contract with third party IT support administrators, to upgrade and run the application on your servers. Plus, new updates to Advantage, Freedom and Fin Aid are installed centrally, off hours so that there is no need to schedule downtime for your staff.


In short, the benefits include no on site installation or updates, cost savings, FAME support takes care of updates and backups, your investment in local software and hardware is reduced, no need for data to be synchronized with multiple devices and access is global.