Lead Management

Admissions Plus – Lightweight CRM Customized for Career Schools

Plan your day before your second cup of coffee.

Admissions Plus is a lead management solution designed to help you nurture and track prospective students. It is intuitive and user-friendly, which allows reps to focus on their leads.


  • Easily see daily to-dos
  • Customizable tasks
  • Assign co-owners and support staff
  • Multi-program indicator

Conveniently see key information at a glance so you can focus your time on the most probable leads and meet enrollment goals.


  • Lead by Source
  • Aging Leads
  • Class Planning
  • Conversion Metrics

Text and email prospective students all while within the application. Admissions Plus allows you to communicate with your leads the way they communicate.


  • Unlimited texts and emails with attachments
  • Easily send reminders & appointments
  • Document tracking
  • Add appointments to personal calendar


Made with Admission Representatives in mind.


Subscription based plans.

Metrics & KPIs

Analyze data in a glance.

Text Messaging

Easily communicate with leads.


Web Based

No need to install.

Standalone or Integrate

Admission Plus can work as a standalone or integrate with Freedom & Advantage 5.0.

What Our Clients Say

FAME’s Advantage FinAid Software has exceeded our expectations here at AATI! The user interface is very detailed, yet organized and extremely user-friendly. Most importantly, since switching to Advantage FinAid, we have experienced a 25% boost in our Financial Aid department’s efficiency, which in turn has increased productivity. We could not be happier with the training and support provided by FAME’s staff!

Guy Jackman

American Advanced Technician Institute