Lead Management

Admissions Plus – Lightweight CRM Customized for Career Schools

Plan your day before your second cup of coffee.

Admissions Plus is a lead management solution designed to help you nurture and track prospective students. It is intuitive and user-friendly, which allows reps to focus on their leads.


  • Easily see daily to-dos
  • Customizable tasks
  • Assign co-owners and support staff
  • Multi-program indicator

Conveniently see key information at a glance so you can focus your time on the most probable leads and meet enrollment goals.


  • Lead by Source
  • Aging Leads
  • Class Planning
  • Conversion Metrics

Text and email prospective students all while within the application. Admissions Plus allows you to communicate with your leads the way they communicate.


  • Unlimited texts and emails with attachments
  • Easily send reminders & appointments
  • Document tracking
  • Add appointments to personal calendar


Made with Admission Representatives in mind.


Subscription based plans.

Metrics & KPIs

Analyze data in a glance.

Text Messaging

Easily communicate with leads.


Web Based

No need to install.

Standalone or Integrate

Admission Plus can work as a standalone or integrate with Freedom & Advantage 5.0.